How do we make an enquiry?
Please fill in the form on the contact page
How do we confirm our booking?
A 50% deposit is needed to confirm your booking and we work on a first come first served basis.
Do we have to have a set package from the website?
No, we try to be as flexible to your needs as possible - if there is something you want that does not seem to be offered on our site please ask and we will try to oblige.
Do you cater for vegetarians and vegans and those with food allergies and other dietary requirements?
Yes we do. For menu 1 there are vegetarian alternatives, from menu 2 and 3 any meals chosen will be substituted with the nearest suitable alternative.
Do we have to order a chef before we arrive in resort?
If you want a chef to serve your meals in your chalet then to be safe the more in advance you book the chef the better, especially for the peak weeks of Christmas, New Year and February half term. Last minute chefs are hard to come by but its worth trying us just incase a cancellation has come up.
Chocolate Tart